This is part of what has made me


I will discuss chronic & invisible illness as well as a variety of topics.

I want to be clear. I believe in the Root of all of these conditions and symptoms. That's what I have always been after for 15 years. 

I spent many years seeking the root causes and cures from doctors and health care practitioners. It's EXHAUSTING and didn't work for me to chase. I had to shift.


1) I had to look within myself to realize I had the ability to do a lot at home for one

2) I had be consistent (which I still struggle with).

3) Treating the symptoms is one part, but realizing I had to change my lifestyle to address root issues has been key. 

Not giving up


This is




This is also


I was not born with my chronic and invisible illnesses.

But I do believe I was born a highly sensitive person and that part of the anxiety I have had since I was very little is genetic. I say part because I also believe in learned behaviors and coping mechanisms. 

I wanted to show you both sides. With or without makeup, I still have symptoms. 

Many people you see on the street who look "normal" to you have battles you know nothing about and they have probably perfected not looking as though they have symptoms. 

This is why there is such a thing as an 


one day at a time

I am more than the symptoms and labels.

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