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My Story

Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog/Concentration Issues have been two of the most debilitating parts of my life. 

I always struggled with the brain fog, and concentration issues since I was little, but when I had my neck injury in 2002, the Chronic Fatigue set in and the brain fog was worse than I ever experienced. 

Fatigue and Brain fog along with concentration problems are all symptoms of . . . . 

MDD, Being a HSP, Anxiety Disorders, ADHD Inattentive Type, Trauma, Nutrition imbalances, Stress, Physical Pain, Vestibular Disorders, and more, but these were the main issues I had throughout my life, so I had a hard time knowing what was driving the chronic fatigue and brain fog more. 

When my vestibular disorders hit me, the level of fatigue and brain fog was even worse. 

I continue to struggle with brain fog and cognitive impairment 24/7, but I can say that that fatigue goes on waves and is much better for me to manage than it use to be. 

Every day I feel slow, and as if there is something seriously wrong with my brain. Sometimes I refer it as brain damage. 

Conversation can be very difficult and can cause more over stimulation and a disorienting feeling if I don't force balance in my days. 

Some days are better than others. I have learned my triggers.

I deal with derealization every day, but again the level of it varies. 

The inconsistency of symptoms and not knowing how I will feel from day to day can be difficult, but redirecting my redirecting my thoughts and patterns have helped a lot. 

My Symptoms

Movement makes me worse

Severe Cognitive Impairment

Something sucked the life out of my head or killed my brain cells.

Feeling Lifeless

Barely moving

Not better with rest

A feeling of brain damage

Bed ridden


Brain Resistence




Feeling very dumb

The Hardest Parts of Chronic Fatigue


Feeling like I can't keep up with others around me. 

Not much helping, even though I have coping skills and have learned to adapt

Being shamed and misunderstood

"You don't know tired" or "Everyone feels like that"

Feeling behind and slow

Not good enough


I want to do more than my body will let me

The vicious cycle or it being caused in part by depression and it causing depression

Not being acknowledged when sharing how hard it is.

How I have Coped and Adapted


Being okay with a slower paced life

Self Compassion

Tracking Symptoms

Surrounding myself with supportive people who GET ME!

Yoga Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

for concentration


Working on confidence

Having purpose


Resources and Information

My Story
My Symptoms
The Hardest Parts
How I cope and adapt
Resources and Info
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