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My Story

Since 2002, I have dealt with migraine symptoms. I always knew there was a difference between migraine and headache.

I use to call it "migraines" when my symptoms flared up.  I  now know that what I am dealing with is a neurological disorder and "migraine", not migraines. I get migraine attacks.

I will say that I do not deal with migraine as severe as some of my friends out there, but I can share what my symptoms are like. From what I understand I am also in a constant state of Vestibular Migraine which does not always accompany pain symptoms. 

I have also come to learn that if people have a history of migraine and migraine attacks, they are more at risk of having vestibular disorders. Other than this, I have not been diagnosed with any other specific migraine disorders and doctors really haven't addressed mine nor have I as many of my other chronic illnesses have taken precedence. 

My Migraine Attack Symptoms

Pain in the back of the neck in the occipital area

and sides of the temples, but usually behind the eyes.

Tingling on top of the head

Sound Sensitivity

When attacks are severe, I get nausea

Neck tightness

Photophobia/ Light Sensitivity

Needing to wear a black out mask or be in a dark room

How I try to cope with Migraine

Sometimes staying away from triggers such as light, sounds, foods, bad posture positions.

Eye Masks


Ear Plugs and Bose Headset

When I feel neck tension or even a little pressure, I try to get ahead of the symptoms and sometimes I can nip it from getting worse.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Just letting it pass, which can be difficult

Ice Packs

Essential Oil Roller

Migraine Glasses :: I use Terramed Juri glasses!

Laying down and rest

For me, Aleve can help, but I know many people who suffer they need stronger medications. I only take something if I absolutely need it because of my kidney's.


Resources and Information


Go to my Chronic Advocates and Resources Page under the Chronic and invisible Illnesses section 


Vestibular Advocates under Vestibular Disorders section to see some of the warriors I love.

Both Pages feature most of same Warriors. 

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