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I have been a military spouse for almost 9 years, and experienced navy life for 12 years.

I will be discussing our journey with OPSEC (Operations security) in mind, of course. 

So many experiences, and lessons, and bonds.

I am thankful for all of it. We are blessed!


Just a few of the many resources. More to come!

2002 ;; Our First Photo Together

 :: 2009 ::

Tony had already enlisted in the Navy by the time we reconnected. He was waiting to head off to bootcamp at the time. 

We decided quickly that we would be in a relationship and commit to each other and military life. 

He went to bootcamp and I flew by myself for the first time to great lakes for graduation (PIR).

Our First Homecoming Experience

I won first kiss but the command took that away from US


The Gems and a Toxic Command

Both made me a stronger Military spouse.

 :: 2010 :: 

Tony transferred to San Diego to complete his schools before picking orders. 

He ended up getting orders in San Diego with the USS Princeton and met them overseas half way through their deployment. 

I continued going to school to eventually transfer down to SDSU.

:: December 2010 Homecoming ::

I was teaching preschool at the time as well.


I was a very excited and motivated navy girlfriend looking to learn and be involved in the navy community. I was proud and full of hope.

I found out about the FRG (Family Readiness Group) for the ship and I decided to participate in a traditional raffle where people who enter can win either first kiss or first hug. The deployed sailor gets to come off the ship first and its an exciting tradition for homecomings. 

Well I won first kiss! I was beyond excited. I was a girlfriend at the time and not a spouse. 

Our first homecoming experience was a rude awakening to how cruel people can be and also how amazing people can be during a terrible time. 

Although Tony came home safely, this was still a difficult day for me but I learned a lot from it.

Let me clarify that of course I was happy my husband was home. Not all service members get to. This fact doesn't dismiss the experience we had that day though. 

You can read more about this heartbreaking / mixed emotions / husband home safely homecoming story by clicking on the peach button.

Our Wedding Day :: May 29, 2012 

Tony went on RIMPAC with the Princeton for the summer after we got married. 

Our Wedding Celebration :: December 22, 2012 

We had a bigger celebration with family and friends from my hometown.

I always say it was fun to wear my dress again and soak in a second round. 

Weddings are so fast!

RIMPAC Homecoming