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Welcome to Ash Aligned

Updated: Jul 24

I’m Ashley. I go by Ash as well.

Aligned is my mantra.

The word stuck with me a few years back with the inspiration of my therapist and the healing I’ve done. This is a creative and honest space.

I’ll be sharing about myself, art, experiences, abuse advocacy, military life, love for oils and things, vestibular life, and the 18 years of chronic & Invisible Illnesses I have been through (as well as other lifetime conditions). Lots more!


To share, speak, advocate, flow, and grow.

To be constructive, purposeful, and authentic unapologetically.

To use my natural gifts, suffering, and growth to help others, and myself.

Even if it just reaches a few people.

"Knowledge is power". - Sir Francis Bacon

Love, Ash ashaligned

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