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On this page I will share my experiences with the following :


The following information may be triggering for some people. 

I share some details that can be disturbing to some people. 

 :: 2001 - 2002 :: The Neck Injury 

High school arrived, and I played volleyball in the fall. I joined the swim team in the Spring. I also played on a different volleyball team during this time. 


On April 14, 2002, I had a major neck injury that stopped my life. I was at my friends house when we decided to record ourselves on her trampoline doing crazy flips and things. Then we would go inside and rewind it on the tape recorder. 

I tried to accomplish  two front flips and then straight into a back flip. 

I didn't get enough air on the back flip and my body came down on my head and neck. 

The wind was knocked out of me and I had numbness and loss of feeling in my hands and feet. I knew I had done something. My adrenaline pumped and then I went into shock. 

I was taken to the ER where I was then admitted to the hospital. 

During my time there, I had an Xray only, which determined no broken bones but instead more of a compression and strain. The nurses dropped me during the Xray, and also overdosed me on morphine. My experience wasn't the greatest. My the doctors told me I was lucky I wasn't paralyzed. 

Within the few months after, I was homeschooled, and had to relearn normal mobility.  


This injury and trauma caused MDD, nerve issues, chronic pain, fatigue, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

This was the beginning of what I knew as Chronic & Invisible Illnesses.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

PTSD Coach App

My Signs of PTSD

(dependent on the person)


Couldn't say "trampoline"  or talk about the event

Jolts of shock

Numb Feeling

Feeling and not feeling at the same time

Nightmares  and sleep issues



Overlapping symptoms with GAD and Depression

Concentration Issues and Brain fog

Tingly in the body and jolts of it when flashing to the episode


Currently in 2020

I still cannot watch videos or injuries that are sudden. This triggers PTSD symptoms and physical symptoms, but I can talk about my injury, and have recovered a lot

 :: 2016 :: The Nose Break 

I had another freak accident that was sudden and traumatic. 

It's a funny story now, but at the time was scary.

On January 26, I was sleeping when I heard a call from Tony at about 8:30 am. I didn't reach it in time so he left a voicemail from work. He explained that there was an active shooter at Balboa Naval Hospital and all bases were on a lockdown until further notice but all was okay. 

I thought to myself, "Okay well I'll have to cancel the car appointment for servicing and wow that sucks for people who have  emergencies and appointments there". I think I jinxed myself. 

I laid in bed and scrolled through Pinterest. I decided at about 9:10 am to get up and go to the bathroom. I had the hiccups though and had been repeatedly attempting to get rid of them by holding my breath. I still decided to go to the bathroom and continue that method. 

I sat down and held my breath. I held it so long that I started to lose my hearing and my vision was full of black and white dots. I remember telling myself to release the breath, but it was too late. 

I passed out and wack into the tub next to me on my left. We are pretty positive it was the tub because of the pain in my shoulder and the damage to my nose. 

I woke up on the floor less than a minute later (found out from my fitbit). I got up and felt blood. I looked in the mirror and  my nose was crooked to my left. The blood came fast at this point. Shock and adrenaline were kicking in (I know this process from my neck injury). I know I wouldn't feel pain for some time. 


I immediately pinched my noise which I knew was probably broken. I called Tony and he thought I was calling about the shooter. I said, "I think I broke my nose" and he was calm, but obviously confused. I told him I passed out while holding my breath. He told me I could put my nose back in place and I did while the adrenaline was running and I wasn't able to feel pain. I was right and I didn't feel pain. I popped it back to the center as best as I could. The sound of it was probably what you imagine. So by 9:16 I did that. Then I called 911. 

I managed to get dressed and brush my teeth and get downstairs. I gathered my things ands unlocked the door. 

An ambulance and firetruck came at by 9:45 am. 

Of course the timing was terrible as I would normally go to Balboa Naval Medical Hospital but remember that active shooter? Well that wasn't happening and I was deferred to another hospital. 

Luckily Tony wasn't with me because his command would have questioned domestic violence. 

The fire responders and doctor were impressed with my temporary nose job. 

My EKG was normal.

The CT scan of my brain was normal but of course determined I had in fact broke my nose really badly. 

I was told I would need surgery ASAP. I was sent home with Norco and a regiment. 

I was recommended by someone to see Dr. Brian Weeks at the Senta Clinic.

I got an appointment for February 1. I remember being in the waiting room with Tiny and a woman starring at me. I was a different person back then, but the current Ashley would have called her out and talked to her. People don't think. 

Dr. Weeks and his PA Jeanie determined I had a deviated septum  and multiple breaks. He rearranged his schedule to do a surgery before my bones healed wrong. 

On February 7 I went to the hospital for surgery. 

I found out after that I had a bilateral nose break and I received the following :

Versed and Phentonel for anesthesia 

Septoplasty, Turbinate Reduction

Orif (open reduction internal fixation) nasal bone fracture


Out fracture inferior turbinate

Open reduction internal fixation nasal fx

Bilateral sumucous reduction out fracture

Bilateral endoscopy with sinus lavage

I am so thankful for Dr. Weeks and Jeanie. 

My nose looks the same as it did before even though I can feel slight bumps from the bones. He did a great job! I was such a nervous wreck about my nose not looking well. 

The medical connection I had with them led to my oto-neurologist after my vestibular journey started in 2018.


The following photos are graphic. Proceed at your own risk!

CT Scan
CT Scan

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CT Scan
CT Scan

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The following photos are graphic. Proceed at your own risk!

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Delivery for the ER
Delivery for the ER

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Healing Trauma :: Resources

My traumas and responses go beyond physical injuries and is even more painful than the physical events. As I am shifting, I will share more in the future.

I have recently dug deeper and reached another level into healing my trauma. I spent most of my life being shamed and still am still this day over how much I am focused on this part of my life. People brush it off in dismissive ways and also can live from a place of control often due to a lack of control in their own lives. Often people can speak from a place of ego as well. This influence only led the people pleasing patterns and trauma responses to grow stronger, and left my true self suppressed, stuck, and even more in agony daily.

I realize now that my heart and soul are guiding me. My higher self knows the truth and what I need. They are there playing tug a war with the other voices. The fears and worries other people hold inside them have been projected onto me. Unfortunately I have been an unregulated highly sensitive person and emotional empath my whole life, which in turn can keep me surpassed as well.  Until trauma is addressed it will continue to keep me in a toxic place and sick. 

I am choosing to listen to my soul now. Although I have processed trauma with EMDR and other ways for years, I am in the thick of it and entering a new phase/chapter. I see the greater picture. 

These are some of the tools that the universe has given to me lately.


June 27:: PTSD Awareness Day

Nose Break

 :: 2018 :: The Blender and The Finger 

I had another freak accident that was sudden and traumatic. 

It's a funny story now, but at the time was scary and I developed some PTSD from this. This time I knew the signs. I still have trouble with it at times.

On January 26, I was making some cookies when I tried to use an emersion blender to blend butter and a few NON LIQUID ingredients. I wasn't thinking clearly. 

When the ingredients got stuck I held the blender with my left hand and scooped my index finger in the blade area. As I was doing so, I remember thinking, "This isn't smart, go unplug the blender and get your finger out!" and as I was, my left finger was over the button and I pushed it. You can imagine the rest.

I immediately yelled, "O, XXXX" and Tony knew it wasn't good.  He came over and freaked out. 


The adrenaline kicked in and the shock set. I knew once again from experience that I would be able to feel no pain in the beginning so I tried to get my finger out. 

Meanwhile, he called 911. 

The paramedics came and tried to get it unstuck also but we ultimately decided I would have to keep the top attachment and head to the ER. I was in and out of consciousness in the kitchen so I was given Zofran for the nausea. 

When I got to the ER, they numbed my finger and it took a team of people to use a massive blade cutter to cut the outside of the blender so I could slide my finger out. 

My finger was saved. The damage was minimal and it looked worse than it actually was. 

I had PTSD from this for a few months and knew the signs. 

Blender and Finger
The Neck Injury
Healing Trauma and Resources
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