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I LOVE these advocates and have had the pleasure of getting to know each of them. 


Community is important. I was missing out for a long time and I am so glad I decided to challenge my introverted HSP self when I got back on instagram in March. I am currently not active on social media, but have kept the vestibulash page there for people to see resources.

This page is here to show you you are notalone and there ARE people who understand you.

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Warriors also featured on the Chronic Advocates and Resourcepage in the Chronic and Invisible Illness Section.

More Warriors to come! 

More to Come!

I will be adding videos and other features to this page as time goes on and I continue to meet amazing people! 

My first chat as a guest was in May with Johan, who has been spreading awareness in an in credible way. 

He is a very positive person who has found purpose in his journey by recording a variety of chats with a variety of people. Check his youtube channel out here.

Check out my nourishing and open chat with fellow vestibular warrior & brother and VeDA Ambassador Johan.

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