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About Balance, Dizziness, and Vestibular Disorders

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VEDA offers a provider director to search for practitioners near you.

VeDA is a non-profit organization that is full of support and resources.


Read more about

Abbie Ross, PT, DPT, NCS and Danielle Tate, PT, DPT by clicking here!

New Podcast series! from Dr. Tate and Dr. Ross! They are both passionate about vestibular everything!

Balancing Act Rehabilitation was one of the first telehealth physical therapy providers in the nation, providing virtual visits starting in 2018. In addition, our therapists are specially trained in neurologic and vestibular disorders.

Dizzy and Vertigo Institute of Los Angeles in CA is another resource for patients and practitioners. This year they hosted a Vertigo day which provided amazing information. 

Dr. Kim Bell, DPT specializes in dizziness and vertigo treatment in San Diego, California and the surrounding areas. She developed the Bell Method and is a force in our vestibular community.

Dr. Kathleen Stross PT, MS, DPT, CHC is a Holistic Physical Therapist, Functional Wellness Practitioner, and Neurological/Vestibular Therapist in Texas, USA.

This link is an example of a Neuro (BehavioralOptometrist who can look at the function of your vision. Look for a doctor in your area with the credentials FCOVD.

Some people also have vestibular dysfunction in congruence with visual issues that need to be addressed.

Information on Diagnoses

More to come

COPING with Vestibular

Gaining coping skills has helped my quality of life so much.  Everyone copes differently, so explore what works for you. 

Go to your people

Go to your people! If you don't have any people or support, I promise there are people you have never met like myself who can empathize with what you are going through and can listen. 

Click the photo below for my page on Vestibular Warrior Talks with my vestibular sisters. On this page you will find Youtube Videos and more information on us!

Self Compassion & Grace

Once I started giving myself grace and more self compassion (which I am still working to strengthen), I have seen a difference in how I cope. 

The stress I put on myself in result of vestibular life was not serving me. 

Give yourself grace and compassion for every hard day that you are surviving. 

You can go from surviving to thriving even while still having vestibular disorders.

Awareness and Mindfulness

I had to become more mindful and aware if I wanted to change. I simply started looking within to see how I could shift my thoughts, and actions. 

When I caught myself having a tight chest and my breathing was short, I knew I needed to access my tools. 

Everything for me in my life changes when I started being aware of myself more. 

When I am more aware, my nervous system is down regulated and therefore I noticed a shift in my symptoms. 

The more chaotic my mind and body was, the higher the symptoms were and the flares. 

Reflect on what can help!

and focus on that!

For me, this ties into awareness. Once I really became aware and reflected on what made me feel better (Not cured, but better!), then I started gaining control of myself again in a way that no vestibular symptoms could take from me. 

What made me feel better was, not cramming my schedule full of doctors appts, being okay with help, resting, focusing on something else, designing something, listening to a nourishing podcast.... the list goes on. 

The things that make you feel better are unique to you!

More to Come!

Coping Tips

More to Come!


About Vestibular Disorders
Resources Links Videos
Information On Diagnosis
Coping With Vestibular
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