My Youtube

I've built up the courage to step completely out of my comfort zone into something that scares me, which is speaking. Some reasons why....

1) My symptoms and ADHD Inattentive Type plus just being myself causes cognitive impairment, which in turn is why I speak slower, have trouble concentrating, need lots of time to process, have a harder time flowing, am forgetful, and then in turn have more anxiety. 

2) I've been bullied, mistreated, and abused in my life. This has been a major reason why I don't share my truth. Since I was little, I was conditioned to believe there were consequences and repercussions when I spoke up. I am retraining myself to not continue to function from a place of trauma and conditioning.  I know a lot of people won't like what I have to say (even though it's my truth and mostly has nothing to do with them, but I am choosing to over ride my fears.

So here you go!